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Sopha Linda, Cambodian model and Superstar
Initially I was hesitant to take any vitamin supplement for my skin, hair and nails. However, ever since I started using Biona almost a year back, Biona has given me perfect result, my skin looks healthy and lighter, nails have become stronger and hairs have become smooth and longer. I am not using Biona for myself but also recommended to my friends and relatives. I would like to thank Biona for making me more beautiful and recommend to everybody for best results.
Ms. Sok Heang, Owner of Sok Heang Salon
aged 32,Cambodia
I’ve known BIONA for one year via BIONA Life Style Consultant (BLC) from Natures Only. My observation on the first month on taking BIONA was my skin was glower comparing to other similar products including injection. BIONA is more convenient than injection and saves me time. I fully trust the quality of BIONA​ and recommend my family and friends to try BIONA as well.
Ms. Kun Kakada, Owner of Paris Salon
aged 35,Cambodia
As I did not have enough sleep, I had got hair fall problem. I tried products which help glowing skin, rich hair, and firm nail but I did not satisfy. When I started using BIONA, number of my hair​ fall was reduced, my fingers and toes were moisturized and my skin started glowing. So I rarely use lotion now as my skin always moisturized.
Ms. Thai Huychheng, Owner of Pink Salon
aged 34,Cambodia
I was busy with my salon till mid night every day. So I don’t have enough sleep, which caused dull, dry skin and wrinkles on my face. I used one product, but that product led to problems with my stomach. A friends of mine introduced BIONA to me.
Ms. Lim Sreytey, Student
aged 23,Cambodia
The owner of Pink Salon introduced me BIONA. I have using BIONA for 3 months and my observation were my skin was glow from the inside in the first month, and my hair increased in number in the second month. I can see full effect of BIONA in the third month on my skin, hair and nails.
Ms. Srey Tum
aged 21,CAMBODIA
BIONA was introduced to me during a skin test camp last 2 months at Banteay Khmer Pharmacy. The Skin Test Specialist recommended me to use BIONA required for glowing skin, rich hair, and healthy nails and stay beautiful.

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