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Lorn Sopheak
I knew Biona from one Dermatologist once I got acne on my face. After I cure it, it still leaves some scar ​ on my face. I went to meet the dermatologist, and she recommended me to use Biona. ​ In fact, I didn't believe in Biona, but I trust on that dermatologist. ​ I have used Biona for three months. First month, I start feeling there is some change on my body. My skin start more lightening, and my nail start growing well. ​ I told to people around that I use Biona because it help to reduce scar and spot on my face and also make my face more lightening and whitening. There is no side effect of using Biona on me, but it is benefit to my skin, hair, and nail.
Thong Sothavrath
I knew Biona from one dermatologist who recommended me to use. I have used Biona for over than one year. In the first month, I observed that I got less acne in my face, and my hair and nail start growing well. I introduce my friends to use Biona as it is a good product without side effect and benefit to our skin, hair, and nail, especially make our face more white and lightening.
BIONA Booth Activation at Boeung Trabek Plaza on Feb 19-20, 2016.
Dr. They Sophalla answers queries related to Biona |12th November 2015

Can BIONA be used in the pregnancy and lactation?

Few components of Biona like vitamins (B1, B2, B12, Biotin, Pantothenic acid) and few trace elements, are more than recommended in pregnancy and lactation. Hence, it is better to avoid them during pregnancy and lactation.

Are there any side effect of using BIONA?

Biona is manufactured using highest quality of ingredients. This is done to ensure that your skin, hair and nails receive the best nutrition and thus remain healthy. There are no major side effects of using Biona except mild gastrointestinal (GI) effects.

Is BIONA weigh-gaining capsule?

Intake of Biona does not cause weight gain.

Can men use BIONA?

We have exclusive product for men "Biona Men" and hence, there is no need to use Biona Stay Beautiful in men. Otherwise, if any case needed Biona Stay Beautiful can be used in men as well and the same dosage as used in women (it contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids, therefore there is no need of special precautions to be exercised).

To get the result, how long have to use?

For visible results, Biona should be taken for a minimum of 90 days.

Can BIONA be used with patient suffering with Diabetes and hypertension? What precaution needed to be taken along with BIONA?

Biona can be given in patients with diabetes and hypertension. It is advisable to take necessary guidance from your healthcare provider.

What is BIONA indications?

Biona is primarily indicated for maintaining and promoting good health of skin, hair and nails. Biona is also advisable in skin related disorders like acne, sunburn, dermatitis and conditions like brittle nails and brittle hair.

Why is BIONA useful for glowing skin, rich hair, and healthy nail?

With today's lifestyle and an increase in the unhealthy diet, there is a lack of balanced nutrition in an individual. This unhealthy diet and poor nutrition is bound to show an effect causing poor health of skin, hair and nails.

Biona – an advanced keratinocyte regeneration formula contains unique proprietary sulphur-containing amino acid complex with a combination of essential vitamins, antioxidants and minerals including Biotin, Natural Vitamin E, C and Carotene. Biona promotes the keratinocyte cell regeneration of skin, hair and nails providing a youthful appearance.

Biona, with the right blend of nutrients, nourishes and protects from the inside and provides essential micronutrients to support the building blocks for skin, hair and nails. Biona strengthens collagen, elastin, and essential moisture-retaining elements, which improves the skin's invisible nutritional requirements to retain moisture, suppleness and strength for skin, hair and nails in long-terms.

Why Biona?

  • Biona enhances skin health, helps reduce inflammation, reduces aging and provide a fresh glow from within.
  • Sulfur-containing amino acids forms the building block of healthy connective tissue formation of skin, hair and nail
  • Biona helps in Nail protein regeneration and rejuvenation with an increase in nail plate thickness
  • Biona enables hair follicle regeneration and rejuvenation

How BIONA works?

Biona with proprietary complex of amino acid and essential vitamins and minerals works from within the dermis, where new keratinocytes are formed everyday.

Biona- An advanced Keratinocyte regeneration formula

  • Biona- Regenerates skin stem cells and replaces the damaged keratinocytes
  • Biona helps in nail protein regeneration and rejuvenation
  • Biona enables hair follicle regeneration and rejuvenation

Biona: Helps in glowing Skin, rich Hair and Healthy Nails

  • Biona protects skin from free radical, reduces wrinkle formation, increases hydration and firmness of skin and improves skin strength and texture
  • Biona preserves hair strength, texture and function and maintains cell membrane integrity of hair follicles
  • Biona is effective in treating nail brittleness, increases nail plate thickness and is useful in the synthesis of nail building lipoproteins

BIONA Salon Lunch Meet on Friday, 11-Dec-15
BIONA Training for Salons / Cosmetic Shops on 28-Dec-15 at Natures Only Office
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Paradise Magazine celebrated its 9th Anniversary on 9-Sep-15 at Koh Pich (Diamond Island) CITY HALL with a unique grand fashion show. 45 models from 3 leading modeling companies, such as Cambodia Super Model, Sun Model, and Sapor Modeling, have jointed the fashion show. The agenda of the show: 1-Classic Dress, 2-Slinky Gown, 3-Wedding Gown, and 4-Evening Gown. 900 participants showed up and enjoyed the fashion show.
The goal of this event is to promote Khmer culture and arts and to expose Khmer creativity in designing fashionable clothes.

Angkor Thom Magazine
2nd Wedding Exhibition
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Biona Challenge Winner

Indima De Run,Winner
Biona Burn & Shape Challenge

"In my recent experience which I got from taking part in Biona Burn & Shape challenge, I found that Biona Burn is a safe and fast way to lose excess weight. I lost almost 5 kg in 2 months with the support of Biona Burn and doing Zumba regularly while eating healthy food. I recommend Biona Burn and Zumba as a very a safe and an effective combination to lose weight."

Biona Challenge Winner

Carl Nugara,1st Runner Up
Biona Burn & Shape Challenge

"When I started the competition my weight was 108.6 kg, and after excellent classes of Zumba which I enjoyed very much and also the Biona Burn tablets which we were given helped me lose my weight loss tremendously. Before the Burn & Shape competition, I did not do any exercise or took any supplements for weight loss, and my weight was gaining. Ever since I joined the Biona Burn & Shape Challenge, I found an amazing difference with the right kind of exercise and the Biona Burn tablets that helped me to lose the weight. Within two months, I lost 6 ½ kg. Biona Burn & Shape seems to a promising option for those who want to lose weight without any ill effects on health."

Biona Challenge Winner

Christina Dilrukshi Henry,2nd Runner Up
Biona Burn & Shape Challenge

'I was very happy to be a part of Biona Burn and Shape challenge.  This is the best way to reduce weight.  Very big thanks to everyone.  Specially to the Zumba masters-Thilini and Dharshan. Thanks for the Biona Burn & Shape team. '